Save our Children

I love this time of year but I hate it at the same time.  I now completely understand why it used to drive my mother mad when we went shopping.  What would be a simple trip to the shops became an evolving nightmare. Sugar rush.  Demands. Tantrums.  The constant cycle of wanting what you can’t have.

I’m very lucky – I have a very amenable two year old and he has a lovely temperament.  I can usually reason with him and so far I have only had to experience one supermarket meltdown where I prayed for the ground to swallow me up.  I remember vividly watching all the people around me tilt their head to one side – usually in empathy but the small handful would look at me with utter disgust for not scooping my child off the floor while he has his meltdown.  Sadly, I have seen this happen to other people’s children in many stores over the last few weeks.  I wholly blame the commercial retailers and their complete disregard for children’s welfare and their lack of morals and integrity.  At what point do they think it’s acceptable to place sweets of all shapes and colours within easy reach of children that do not understand the dangers of them.   Children cannot comprehend choice, what is unhealthy and they should not be the ones to suffer when their parents turn round and say ‘NO’, you can’t have that’.  It is not the retailers that need to deal with decaying teeth, upset tummys, tantrum, headaches and everything else that follows on.  So long as they get their money the buck stops with them.

I didn’t realise how bad sugar was  until I started researching it.  It is time it became accountable.  Excess sugar not only damages teeth but it also damages your health.  I also hold it accountable for causing surges in hormonal imbalances and the resulting anxiety and depression.   Isn’t it about time that retailers started being held to account?  Placing healthier snacks and sweets at children’s height or in fact, none at all.  Leave it to the parents to decide what they are going to give their children.   Place healthy food in bright and exciting packaging and children will still love it.

Luckily for me, I have started to realise the benefit of healthy eating.  As much as I hate to admit it , I have my husband and the ‘Body Coach’ to thank for that.  Benjamin and I enjoy making our smoothies together.  Homemade smoothies.  Not retail rubbish concealed as smoothies, or ‘innocent smoothies’ where the only innocent part is the poor consumer trying their best to pick something ‘healthy’.

I’m off to buy my lunch and fight my way pass the confectionary aisle to find something healthy to eat.   I may end up sneaking a mince pie in my basket.  However, at least I can blame myself for buying the mince pie.  I have the ability to choose.  I also have the abillty to stick two fingers up to every food retailer in the UK for putting us parents in this situation in the first place.  Give our children back their innocence.  Don’t compromise them by making them ill through your negligence.  Let them be healthy and carefree.  And while we’re at it… please grant me the ability to be able to cook.