My husband’s 3 month healthy eating plan

My husband's 3 month healthy eating plan

My husband has signed up to  a 3 month ‘healthy eating plan’.  It is driving me to distraction.  The kitchen is full of avocados, broccoli and bananas.  No more biscuits, no more naughty treats.  I have watched as he painstakingly measures and prepares his breakfast, lunch and dinner with precision.  I also watched as he made himself a ‘delicious’ smoothie.  It looked like the stuff that comes out of my babies nose on regular occasions but I agreed to try a bit if I could close my eyes.  It was surprisingly tasty and despite its looks,  and I soon found myself making a healthy smoothie each day.  

My little boy loves the sound of the blender whirring round and round.  He looks in fascination as he shouts ‘WAM;, ‘WAM’.  (This means round)!  I let him try some of my banana and beery smoothie and he couldn't get enough of it.  This got me thinking, can children drink smoothies?  
I spent the evening googling for smoothie recipes for my 20 month old and found a surprising amount of them. 

 The next morning I gave it a go; one banana, a handful of berries and a dash of milk.   Benjamin watched in fascination as the ingredients whizzed round and round.  I grabbed him a straw and before I could turn around he was grabbing the jar out of my hands.  Not.a.sound.  My noisy and demanding toddler had gone silent and all I could hear was the bubbles of the smoothie being sucked up through the straw.  Benjamin absolutely loved his smoothie.  His face looked like he had buried it in a tub of red paint, and his nice new top was covered in berry stains but he was one happy little monkey.   What a great idea.  Healthy, quick and easy; this smoothie lark is an absolute godsend.  Next week, I'm going to experiment with the broccoli; or as one well know body coach describes it… ‘Midget trees’….