Save our Children

I love this time of year but I hate it at the same time.  I now completely understand why it used to drive my mother mad when we went shopping.  What would be a simple trip to the shops became an evolving nightmare. Sugar rush.  Demands. Tantrums.  The constant cycle of wanting what you can’t […]

Advent Calender


Christmas When Benjamin was born I decided it was time to become one of the arty-crafty mums.  I joyfully went out and spend a ridiculous amount of money on knitting paraphernalia and books only to realise that knitting was quite hard and I couldn’t even cast on properly.  My next attempt was to make Benjamin […]



Apples Why is it that people feel the need to shower you with apples at this time of year?  Everywhere I turn there is someone offering me a ‘bag of apples’.   They come in to my work, leave them by their door for me and even accost me walking down the street with their plastic […]

Baby Wipes

Baby Wipes So I’ve just got back from the doctors with my little one after yet another issue.  He’s been suffering with spots around his mouth and on his face for weeks.  Turns out that baby wipes have been the culprit.  You know those soft, gentle, baby soft wipes that we all use and love?  […]