How to use your Pouch


Our food pouches are so easy to fill and clean with or without a dishwasher.

Check out our video on how to use your pouches.

Filling your pouches 

Filling your pouch is easy to do. Get what ever filling you have and either spoon it in bit by bit or alternatively use a jug/funnel. Easy!, Just remember to make sure the safety cap is on nice and tight

Filling your pouches

Washing your pouches by hand

Take your pouches and pop them into some warm water with a little washing up liquid as you would your normal washing up.  Take a baby bottle brush and get rid of any smoothie or fruit left in them making sure its all out.  Give them a good old rinse and pop them up side down with the cap off to air dry.

Look how easy it is.


Washing your pouches in a dishwasher 

If you’re washing your pouches in a dishwasher then is best to rinse them out first with a little warm water then open them up, take the cap off and pop them up side down.  Easy