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Save our Children

I love this time of year but I hate it at the same time.  I now completely understand why it used to drive my mother mad when we went shopping.  What would be a simple trip to the shops became an evolving nightmare. Sugar rush.  Demands. Tantrums.  The constant cycle of wanting what you can’t […]


Oats. Lovely, cream, round oats.  Funny things really.  However in my attempt to get healthy and stop feeding my baby ready made baby treats I have discovered the wonders of these little things.  If your toddler is anything like mine they will do anything to steal a biscuit or three.  Feeling increasingly guilty about being […]



Ketchup My little boy clearly takes after me;  I am an incredibly fussy eater and above all, I can’t cook.   Benjamin knows what he likes and sure as anything knows what he doesn’t.   Concerned at the lack of healthy protein he was getting (obviously my husband’s diet was rubbing off on me) I decided we […]

My husband’s 3 month healthy eating plan

My husband’s 3 month healthy eating plan My husband has signed up to a 3 month ‘healthy eating plan’. It is driving me to distraction. The kitchen is full of avocados, broccoli and bananas. No more biscuits, no more naughty treats. I have watched as he painstakingly measures and prepares his breakfast, lunch and dinner […]