About us

My Pouch was created in late 2012 when our son Oscar was 14 months old. We love making him fresh Smoothies and puréed fruit at home.  The problem was how to get the good stuff (fruit & veg) into him when we were out and about. We were shopping in the supermarket and he would be ok for a while then start getting a bit grumpy so we’d buy a ready made pouch for him which would cost an arm and a leg.

So getting straight on the web and doing some searching for a Reusable pouch we could not find one anywhere in the UK and yes you guessed it My Pouch was born.

We are so excited to introduce our eco-friendly food pouch and would love to here from you.

Email us at neilsmart@mypouch.co.uk or follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest Just a little snap shot of My Pouch’s family Nina, Neil and most importantly Oscar.

My Pouch's Family

My Pouch’s Family