Reusable Food Pouch

Our Reusable Food Pouch is a convenient, reusable, durable, Bpa Free, dishwasher and freezer safe food pouch which you can pour all your children’s favourite puréed fruit or smoothies in to. It’s simple; Fill Eat Wash Reuse

The Reusable Food Pouch has been designed to be as child friendly as possible. So we started by making it BPA free and with an anti swallow safety cap. Its very strong so don’t worry about throwing it around it can handle it. With a resealable zipper across the whole top it is very easy to fill and wash. Freezer and dishwasher safe so make as much you like and freeze the rest.

Every parent wants to give their children you’re very own home made food, smoothies and purées.  Now you can whether your in the park, at the shops or at the seaside just pour all your home made goodness in to My Pouch’s Reusable Food Pouch and you’re ready to go.

A great way to start weaning your little ones on to food or introducing food into your babies diet. A convenient way to get healthy food into you active young kids where ever you are. Let’s take a look.